Photo Gallery - American 6AD Soldier, CCB HQ Co.

We have two photos of this American soldier seemingly taken on the same occasion. Both are extracted from group photos taken outside Jeanne's house. We thought he looked facially similar to the helmeted 'Tech4' 'guard in the yard' but there are no rank markings on his shirt sleeves unlike a known soldier of CCB HQ Co. whose shirt did have them. However we have learned that he was indeed in the HQ Company of Combat Command B of the 6th Armored Division and that his name was Al Crosson. The armored patch on his left shoulder, was that of the 6th Armored Division and his location and the presence of his name on the unit roster confirms he was a member of that 6AD unit billeted in Jeanne's hamlet. Beside him on the grass, two books are just visible and it's tempting to think they might be the old Diary and grandmother's cookbook! But it's probably just wishful thinking. Al died in 1972 in Albany, New York. If anyone can tell us more about Al, we'd appreciate hearing from you via the 'contact us' link at the top of this page.

There's more about discovering Al in our last section, "Solving the Puzzle". Read about it in "Finding the Soldier" on the page "What is being done"

  Al Crosson - US soldier
6th Armored Division
CCB HQ Co. 1944
- & those mystery books!
(more about grandmother's cookbook)
AL Crosson in another photo
6th Armored Division

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