Photo Gallery - Unknown Lady 1

(page updated February 2012)

Previously we believed these photos to be of Winnie Griffin. They still may be, but it's been brought to our attention that this lady looks a little on the young side to be Winnie. Consequently we've changed the photos on Winnie's page to some lower quality ones, because we can be certain that at least one of them is definitely of her. At this time Winnie Griffin would have been 34 years old. Can you say if the photos on this page are also of Winnie - or of someone else? (compare the photos)

Taken along with other photos on the same day, and definitely some time between 25th February and July 15th, 1944, the photos shown here also include Molly Preston and Jack Worley, a US 6AD soldier. There may be a connection with a wedding as Molly is wearing a suit and carrying a corsage of lillies of the valley. Our subject is also wearing an interesting looking brooch. It might just possibly be some kind of official badge connected with her occupation, or purely decorative; we're not sure. If you knew or recognise this lady, or her brooch, do please get in touch with us using the 'Contact Us' link at the top of this page.


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